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Blog 16 - Factions: Mentats

Mentats. A quintessentially Dune character. If artificial computers cannot be trusted then turn to the biological ones we all have.
I think many groups will have a Mentat character (And I’ve known a few players that could probably fit the bill as well) but I wonder how many will choose the Twisted Mentat concept?

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One of my players chose Twisted Mentat and the way their ability is worded, they can basically purchase a die using threat when searching to exploit or create weaknesses for a character. It’s REALLY powerful if used correctly.

Your Mentat abilities were shaped and engineered by
the Bene Tleilax to leave you unencumbered by such
petty things as morality, taboo, or decency.
Whenever you attempt an Understand test, you generate
one bonus Momentum point for each die you
bought by adding to Threat. This bonus Momentum
may only be used to Obtain Information about the most
effective ways to harm or inflict pain upon a person
within the scene, or to create a trait which represents a
weakness you have discovered which you can exploit.
This Talent may only be chosen in character creation.

All players can use Threat to buy extra dice on a roll at a rate of 1/2/3 for each extra dice, that part of the Twisted Mentat ability isn’t a bonus that others don’t have.

Where the Twisted Mentat ability comes in is that gives a free Obtain Information spend or a point towards setting a new trait with each purchase. So you find out more ways to harm someone, which makes them useful for setting up traits that can then be exploited.

It is useful, but I wouldn’t put it in the Powerful category.