Black Site Studio's Vault needs a new home

Hello fellow Wastelanders! I have a fairly extensive set of Black Site Studio’s A.R.K. terrain set that I need to re-home due to a major downsizing on my part. I just don’t have room to store it any longer. In addition to what is shown in the images I have the Overlords Office, Divided Room and additional Dead Ends still in the shrink wrap ready to be built. The built items are all base coated, I have not yet started weathering, and most things are magnetized.
Due to the size/weight of the set it would be exorbitant to ship (and a pain in the ■■■ to ensure things don’t break) so I’m hoping I can find someone within a reasonable driving distance. I’m in Portland OR (USA). Most of WA or OR is reasonable to me - I’m happy to drive quite a ways to get these to someone that will put them to good use.
I’ll consider any offer. I also have this posted over on Facebook: Fallout: Wasteland Warfare painting hub where you can hit me up through Messenger.

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