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Battlemode 2021 force lists updated and online

The Battlemode file is newer. More dev and testing has been done that has lead to this.

We will align both sets of points with the New Vegas releases.

Thanks for the info!

Two other things:

1 - There is a set of “Super Mutant Items”, but none of the Super Mutants can take them.
Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 1.46.55 AM

2 - For the Enclave, the Sentry Bot costs 253 caps. For the robot faction, it costs 270. For every other cross-faction model the cost has been the same for each faction. Is this an exception, or a typo?

  1. They do this with the Enslaved Tech as well. This is very likely a reflection of the model’s usefulness in the list, the way it fills a gap in the skills or abilities available in that faction. The Enslaved Tech offers a computer skill that Super Mutants wouldn’t normally have.

Not entirely sure, but I suspect the reasoning is going to be something similar to that.

Both are mistakes

  1. We are already aware of this mistake, but thanks for pointing it out

  2. That’s a new one - both should be the same caps.

Hi! Sentry bot should be the same caps, but what amount is right?? Robot list? Enclave list? Same for Enslaved tech?
I have question too about the new adition to the batle mode list, the turrets.
I don’t understand well how they work, do you need to deploy them in your deployment zone or they are items (rifle?) wich you deploy them spending an action (or free?), in contact with your base?
Turrets inhibitors is used for avoid turrets to attack you, but I have read in the rules a turret don’t attack you if you own it, what is the purpose of that gear??

The Robot list is newer, so I would assume it is the correct one.

I don’t know, the points for Enclave was new too, both point lists were released the same day