Battlemod items category

A new version of file with items cost on site is no more contains item`s categories. But units lists of fractions for Battlemod still have items categories. What the file we must to look to knew prices of items for battlemod and their category?

They reverted the document to wave 5 currently…

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Thank you! so wave 5 is good now?

Hey @D511

i don’t quite understand the problem here. Could you elaborate so I could help you with an answer?


I think the problem is, that the current battlemode item document on the download page is from wave 5 and not the current wave 6.

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Haumi91 is right - in wave 5 we has files with items costs sorted by category like advanced items, wasteland items and so on. But in the wave 6 and on the Download page ofthe site there is no such file more. In the current file items are not sorted by such categories. Still categories uses in the battle mode lists of the games fractions.


So if I understand correctly, we still have the Wave 5 list on the website as opposed to the wave 6 list? You are expecting the items to be ordered by faction, as opposed to category/type item.

Is this the document in question here? It is the first document under Points, Errata and FAQ on the Fallout Downloads page.

Thanks for bearing with me!

Thanks dom. I think you understand it correctly :sweat_smile:
Any news when it (and the force lists) will be updated with the missing point costs and units?

Hey gang,

No bother at all. Thanks for bearing with me.

I can’t give an exact timeframe but the powers that be are aware of it, so it will happen in due course. I am in communication with the Fallout guys pretty regularly, so as soon as we have an update and I can tell you, I will let you know!

Just to be sure that I am looking at the right document, I found this one on the Battle Mode page - are you sure it isn’t this one?

This one is the right format for Battle Mode (items grouped into category - wasteland, advanced, high tech, etc) but is missing the Commonwealth Wave items

Thank you, Modiphius-Dom! i found Battlemode file on the battle mode page, so problem partially solved.
But now there are some difference between that file and wave 6 file from main Download page.
Maybe there are more differences.

Hey all,

Glad I got the right document (tah @RyanDanger87) but I am concerned that there seem to be some differences between those two files.

I’m going to be chatting to the Fallout head honcho soon anyway about updates so I’ll just fold this one into that discussion.

Thanks for bearing with us!

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