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Basing some ghouls. To tuft or not to tuft?

Hi all,

I have been working hard painting my ghouls and I’m pretty pleased with how they’ve turned out. They are all but complete and I cannot decide whether to add a grass tuft to the base.

My options are as follows:

  1. No tuft
  2. Tuft
  3. Add a tuft, but buy and use some browner grass which better represents the radioactive wasteland of Fallout.

What do you all think?


Mix it up a bit, tuft some. It will look fantastic.

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Seems like a tuft decision.


I would cut the tuft into smaller pieces so that it could look like it is growing up through the cracks.

Thanks. I have ordered some “dead grass” tufts. I agree with the suggestions and will have a go at cutting the tufts.