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Babylon 5 2d20?

Has anyone attempted to homebrew Babylon 5 for the 2d20 system? I’ve put some thought into doing one myself, but I simply don’t have the time to do so.

That is an interesting idea. - Babylon 5 is a series setting, that is quite aged, not much in the current pop culture conscience.

Depending on what aspects of the B5 setting you would want to see in play, you could use an approach like in STA (very coarse grained, some more details regarding space combat), although I would prefer a more detailled approach like in Infinity, though that does not offer a very cinematic space combat, but more a gritty one.

Maybe the upcoming Homeworld 2d20 might provide a good foundation to build a B5-2d20 conversion on?

I feel like something more cinematic akin to STA is the way forward, combat’s actually surprisingly lethal in STA due to how injuries work - but as it’s not the focus, it doesn’t come up much. The detail involved in the starship combat is ideal, involved without being overwhelming, the issue is the fundamental differences in technology and how they affect combat - even a fairly cinematic one like what both shows go for. (Deflector shields are a rare technology for the Younger Races, who favor Point Defence systems instead etc).

Not to mention that the ships in Babylon 5 are much more fragile across the board for the younger races, where all it takes is one or two really good hits to disable or destroy a hostile vessel. And the importance of fighters/bombers and dogfights in engagements.

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As a setting, I feel like Traveller fits B5 quite a bit. Just take out any FTL and put in hyperspace gates/ jump drives.

Dated effects wise, but still one of the best scifi series out there. Still watch it now.

I’d like to see something between STA and Infinity. I really like how STA handles characters. I’d like something a bit more crunchy for ships, bases and ship to ship combat. But that is just the old grognard in me.

But FrankF is correct about B5 being relatively unknown. I’d love to see another series in that universe. Not a remake or reboot. A new show, just set in the B5 universe. I always loved the unique ship designs and miss seeing Narn and Centari ships.

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I feel like Traveller is too lethal and involved, whereas B5 has always aimed for cinematic action over nitty gritty stuff.

No! That way lies madness. You get ■■■■ like Crusade with the flying lawndart/■■■■■ hybrid ship or Legends of the Rangers with the Omni-Directional Kung-Fu Cannon Array.

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Have to admit I agree. It was great for it’s time, but we can build new universes.

Even JM Straczynski said he wouldn’t return to it. (Though the networks interference in S5 and Crusade probably had a lot to do with that)


Obligatory must be more than 10 characters filler.

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B5 is very lethal too, it’s just non-main characters who die every episode, it’s kinda like the old star trek actually where a lot of people do die in the show. I think B5 has a gritty feel kinda like Traveller

I find it very eerie how our current socio and political setting matches the events in B5 almost like it’s a script we are playing off of.

but to the OP question, I don’t know that B5 is a good setting for any rpg, I feel like that universe would be better served with a resource, worker management system game. The B5 story, while character driven, is about broad events that shape the galaxy. In a way we already have game systems that accomplish that in Twilight Imperium and Roll for The Galaxy, they simply don’t have a B5 coat of paint to them.

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