Aviator Super Mutant

I have played a number of games and only just realized (i.e. noticed on the card) that the Aviator Super Mutant is unique. I am not sure why really since the other uniques are specific named characters.

I think his name is supposed to be “Aviator.” If you look at his card, you’ll see that his name is “Aviator” rather than “Aviator Super Mutant.”

That said, I ordered enough to get a couple extra of the starter figures, and I just use the extra models of him (And Goddard) as generic versions of the model (Using the Super Mutant card with extra Aviators. Using the Knight card with extra Goddards. That kind of thing.)

yhea i think its just to have a bit of variety in units for the supermutants i sort of took it to mean he is another veraity of mutant sort of like supermutant brute, master etc

That is what my initial idea was too, that he was just another type like Master or Brute. Apparently though GateKeeper is correct and that is his name like Hammer or Fist. I guess that like Goddard that he is a brand new character created by Modiphius. Pity since unlike all the actual characters, he does not really have a special ability.

hmm that makes it a touch more confusing as there are two sculpts that have the aviator cap

Good point since the Super Mutant core box does have a “Standard” Super Mutant that also happens to be wearing an aviator style cap.

Well the Aviator is “unique” in the sense that he is pretty good at shooting (unlike all other Super Mutants).
Also, BoS can only ally with Super Mutants that are unique (that’s all there is to their faction), so thst gives them more of a choice than just Hammer.