Ashes to Ashes Poll - Modiphius' conan Actual Play (the Journey to Auld Heath)

Hello everyone!

So for those of you not in the know, modiphius are doing an actual play of Conan on our twitch stream, and at the end of the stream, we leave the path the players will take to our viewers.

The Story so far:
The players from Season 1 have gotten back together after five years with the boy (now young adult) they were charged with to negotiate a peace treaty with. Aluccio, now a strapping young lad, has just inherited his father’s estate on one condition - that he travels into the heart of Nemedia (currently at war with Aquilonia, his home) and scatter his father’s ashes at his father’s old home.

The Players with their party have begun their journey, and now, are faced with a choice as to where to go next. that’s where you come in!
From the strawpoll below, please pick a path for them to follow (don’t worry about the dangers involved, I’m sure theyll be fine:)

The choices are:

  • Travelling along the Tor river to Hamumar, acquiring passage on a river barge. Choices are slim, so who knows what kind of crazy captain will let them on board.
  • Joining a caravan as it treks along the heartlands. A simple, easy journey, and easiest way to lose trackers, but sending you directly into the belly of the beast. Who knows what mysterious companion
  • Stay alone, and travel through the darkened forests of Numalia. Although they have no guide, they may find one on their way… for the right price.

Feel free to vote, and feel free to ask any questions about the poll (I probably get a million rules wrong!)