Articles on Dune

I thought I’d start a thread for interesting Dune articles after Jason Durall pointed me at this one from the guardian.

If anyone has some more add them to the list!

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Found this about another board game. This time based on Portal Games Detective game.
From what I can tell by the description it is a co-operative who-dunnit. Not sure on the replayability as it sounds like it has an overarching plot that you work though, but I will certainly check it out when it is released in Q4.


Very cool.

Thank you for this.

I found this article on The Wargamer that is very interesting!


Military Theory: An Analysis of Warfare & Technology in the Dune Universe

News, guides, and reviews of board games, tabletop, and digital wargames


The various Wargamer articles, including the latest on the design choices.

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The latest article on the game.
Not much new information but the devs talk about the artwork, the requirements of working under a licence and how they had to pitch the book between newcomers to Dune or RPGs & the fanatics of both. (Plus the subset of Orthodox Herbertarians :rofl:)

Also we may see Maula Rifles.

Wormsign, p16 :slight_smile:

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