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"Arikel" and the spoiled twins

Hi.Quoting from Vampire:the masquerade first edition:“Throughout history, the Toreador have been involved in the arts. This tradition is said to have begun with the first progeny of the founder, a pair of beautiful and artistically gifted twins. Their sire was a leader of the cabal of third
generation vampires who slew their own sires. Though ruthless, he was very doting upon his progeny, proffering them far more independence than any other fourth generation vampires were given. They used their freedom to nurture the full panorama of the arts, and their sire protected them through war and famine. To this day, the Toreador claim that they are watched over by Arikel, their founder. Though the Toreador are not as formally organized as some other clans, they are furiously loyal to one another and to the art they claim to serve.” So,the first Toreador,Arikel,unlike what most seem to think,was quite a nasty guy-even responsible for the slaughtering of the second generation.A ruthless ■■■■■■■,really,who spoiled his first childer.Quite different from the view we get in the Toreador clanbook and quite similar,at the same time,to another clan(ring any bells?).Well,I’m going to be crystal clear:to me,Arikel(a DUDE)and Nosferatu were always the SAME VAMPIRE. The clans began to separate from the twins that were first embraced and did not suffer from Caine’s curse.Those were the actual “founders” of the Toreador as we know at least from the roman era. What do you guys think?Oh,and i’m totally aware of the problems this creates concerning the so-called metaplot.The thing is,I couldn’t care LESS about the metaplot.Opinions?

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I think it’s a great twist for characters to find rumors about, regardless of whatever the truth ends up being in the end. Course I usually only stick to the high points of the meta plot anyway. If that.

It’s your story. Do what you want with it as long as it makes sense to you and the players are enjoying it.

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