Anyone used STA for something else?

Anyone used STA for something else?

Figure its real easy to change the divisions for skill sets and use it for pretty much anything?

Currently statting out tbe crew of the Orville. Used the old Decipher game to do Stargate once; see no reason I couldn’t do the same with STA.

Well, the underlying 2d20 game is being used for several settings. Not sure what the rules changes are though.

I’ve run a one-off Trek game where the PCs were all heist-style criminals, ripping off a Syndicate crimelord, which worked quite well, but we were using the standard rules with only minor tweaks (replacing values with objectives for the heist plan and using those to govern determination use).

Leverage (the RPG) uses a similar framework to STA… very very broad roles: Grifter, Hacker, Hitter, Mastermind, Thief, and (in an expansion) Driver… plus (slightly more traditional)attributes, and the Distinctions compare to talents.

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