Any chance of a Conan 2d20 Light?


I was wondering if there’s any plan to do a 2d20 light Conan book?

I grabbed the John Carter ebook while it was free (never got into JCoM, but I was curious about the system).The light system looks like it favors more story telling aspects than the Conan system. Not having skills and basing tasks on your backstory (like having farming as your backstory means you probably have skill with Handling Animals) really struck a chord with me. And basing talents off attributes sounded really smart to me too.

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I know they did a JCoM to Conan conversion but it’s the reverse that I’d like to see. While I like some of the crunch of Conan (such as reach and downtime. I like that weapons aren’t the D&D ladder of betterness), there are things that are too much (focus and expertise separate). I like JCoM a lot.

Werlynn is correct - there is a conversion. I have it somewhere but I’ve not really looked at it in spite of having both rulesets.

It’s possible Nathan D could provide a synopsis of the back-port. Could also be an interesting project for the boards.

Is it an official conversion or fan made?

It is official but only converts from JCoM to Conan.

Official. JCoM Kickstarter Update: JCoM to Conan

May just be a Backer-only item as I can’t seem to find it in the JCoM titles on DriveThruRPG .

I think you can find the conversion somewhere here, but, judging by the comments here, the conversion seems entirely wacky.