Any campaigns available?

Now that Conan is available on Fantasy Grounds, I’m finally considering getting into it.

Are there any proper campaigns available or planned for Conan? All I see is a ton of sourcebooks and small unlinked adventures, but haven’t noticed any long-term campaigns. I’m a veteran GM, currently thirty plus sessions into Horror On The Orient Express, halfway done, and I’d love to run something big for Conan.

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There’s quite a few that were made for the Mongoose d20 version. They’re really easy to convert. There’s some epic campaign quest that Modiphius will be doing for Wave 4 but that may be far down the road at this stage…

Where can I find those? I looked on DriveThruRPG, but couldn’t find any.

They are no longer available for retail sale (pdf or otherwise) but Modiphius gave them away as part of their KS.

Apologies, I forgot that you get them if you purchase the Master Collection: They’re not in the list but they are part of the downloads.

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That’s a bit rich for my tastes… Was considering the Crom collection on DTRPG, but this is another 50% more.

Yeah, it’s literally everything on the Kickstarter (except for some reason the tiles)…