Antiseptic = Alcohol?

Does anyone have anything on Antiseptic? It’s only mentioned in relation to crafting Stimpaks, and nowhere else in my Compendium.

Hard liquors can be used as antiseptic, so I figure for now I’ll just use Vodka, Whiskey, and other high alcohol drinks as a stand in for Antiseptic.

Given the importance of Stimpaks in the game, and how central Crafting is, seems like there should be more explicit instructions on what’s considered Antiseptic, and maybe an additional item that’s some sort of medical grade antiseptic. Maybe when crafting Stimpaks, characters could use either 2x hard alcohol, OR 1x medical grade antiseptic (in addition to the other ingredients).

This was discussed on the fan discord a while back. Page 208 of the rulebook says

Rare materials are the rarest and most difficult to salvage. Asbestos, ballistic fiber, circuitry, fiber optics, corrosive and antiseptic chemicals, and even nuclear material are found in many items, but are difficult to salvage. A single unit of rare materials has a cost of 5 caps and a weight of 1.

(Emphasis, mine)

This suggests that the recipe is supposed to be Rare Materials ×2, Blood pack ×1, Common Materials ×1. Interestingly, Whiskey and Vodka both have a cost of 5 caps and a Rarity of 3, which implies that from a balance point of view allowing them to be used in the place of the Rare Material would not be too bad at all as a house rule (assuming this this interpretation of the rules is correct)

The only other time the word antiseptic appears in the rulebook is the description of the first aid kit one page 182