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Another Settlement needs your help

You have received word that a settlement is under attack from hostile forces and have gone to see if you can help


Choose a building at the centre of the map and work out who is the aggressor and who is the saviour

The saviour should set up a number of settlers equal to their charisma in the building then randomly determine which side the
Aggressors are coming in from using the armour dice and declaring which side is number 1 with 2+ being clockwise from there)
the set up for aggressor is red

Savior comes in from opposite side and sets up within yellow of the edge

Settlers are AI with roughly a 50/50 split of scavengers and settlers

Savior should have about half the points of the aggressor

Aggressor wins a minor victory if they kill half the survivors and a major if they kill all

Optional: Try with computer terminals and turrets set up around the settlement , these need reactivating with a successful hacking test
saviour gets only one heroic and one companion model the rest of his points are spent on defence turrets


Sounds fun! Does anyone know if Modiphius plans to release the digital art assets used to create the scenario pages?

No Preston, no. Iā€™m not doing anymore of your ā– ā– ā– ā– ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In the meantime, you could use the scenario template I put together here: Scenario Template

This is a great scenario. Plus it has the added benefit of us being able to take Preston and a Minuteman as the Saviors, and have him save his own damn settlements! :wink: