Andorian and Aenar Questions

Reading over the Beta Quadrant book, the section on Andoria left me with a few questions.

  1. The Andorians would seem to be adapted to low temperatures, not high temperatures, but we have this line: They are physically robust and are capable of functioning in temperatures as high as 100 °C (BQ, p. 22). By human standards, that’s really, really, really hot, so I have to wonder, is this correct as written?

  2. With Aenar, we have : Many Aenar are completely blind but they do not consider this a problem as they are highly developed telepaths. This adaptation allows Aenar to navigate the darkness of the ice tunnels with ease (BQ, p. 23). So, how does telepathy help to overcome blindness? Do they mentally link with sighted individuals and piggyback off of their sight in a manner that goes beyond base telepathy?

They can both be adapted to low and high temperatures. While 100°C seems high (it is the boiling point of water after all), maybe Andorians just can regulate their body temperature much better. And being able to function in such high temperatures does not mean it’s comfortable for them. Most do after all prefer the cold.

So, how does telepathy help to overcome blindness?

Maybe it’s like telepathic sonar. I don’t know how it would work, but it could be a form of telekinesis. But instead of moving objects they use it to sense objects.

It basically means yes, the Aenar are technically blind, but they can “see” anyways.