Telepath / Empath Tasks

HI All,

Quick question, when attempting a empath/telepath task, which attribute / discipline would be used normally?

Copy/paste from Nathan Dowdell over on FB:

There are numerous combinations that can be applied to telepathy, empathy, or mind melds.

Control is an obvious choice, as it covers discipline and precision.
Daring can be used if you’re going in rushed or under pressure, or you’re having to improvise.
Fitness can be used if enduring or resisting pain or distress is necessary - mind melds in particular are sometimes shown to be painful.
Insight is useful when facing or dealing with someone’s emotions.
Reason is good for when carefully studying memories or other details.
Presence is fitting when mental strength and force of personality are key, such as to avoid being overwhelmed by a stronger mind.

Command is good for personal discipline and self-control, plus interpersonal skills.
Security is good for guarding against psychic attack, protecting against dangerous contact, or finding dangerous intentions or memories of hostility.
Science is good for observation and analysis of information in general.
Medicine is good for therapeutic uses of telepathy, or using psychological or neurological knowledge to understand how the mind works.

It mainly depends on what you’re trying to accomplish and what you’re facing. Helping someone face traumatic memories might take Fitness + Medicine, but that’s very different to searching a mind for information or planting a subconscious suggestion.


This is excellent, thanks for your help!