What skill to use for a perception skill test

I’m unsure what I would use for a typical ‘Perception’ style of skill test. Would it be Understand + the appropriate Drive? The reason I am unsure is because there is no focus under Understand that could be interpreted as Perception-related (i often find that focuses are a good way for me to pick a skill for a roll), but there’s a focus listed under Discipline called ‘Observe’ which is described as “paying attention to a person or area to gain intelligence”.

Thanks in advance.

Like many things, it depends on what they might see.

Battle - spotting an ambush or tactical advantage
Communication - noticing something about a person, empathy
Discipline - Good all round one for keeping a look out
Move - less useful but possibly for spotting things while running or driving
Understand - Another good all rounder for when you need to understand another layer or know something of technology to spot the thing.

There’s an Observation skill in Discipline but others may apply too

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Thanks for the replies - so if a character is looking for clues in a room, would Discipline be best?

I’ve used Move/Truth when players are trying to forensically reconstruct the actions that took place at a scene of violence, or to follow another’s tracks in the wilderness.

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