Am I the only one regretting buying the hardcopy?

I’m starting to wonder why I bought the hardback book recently as there are so very many errors still included from what I can see from the Errata thread. Of course when [or should I say if] they are all corrected I don’t suppose we’ll be gifted a physical replacement.

How could such a poorly quality-controlled product be allowed to be sent out.
Very disappointing.


The Fallout RPG is very similar to Cyberpunk 2077. It’s been a botched release. I’m a huge fan of Modiphius’ games and playtested several but Fallout really feels like a Bethesda product in all the worst ways.

If you bought the hardcopy you can get the pdf for free, which one would hope would be updated with the errata. I’m far more concerned about how the game seems to have been simply released into the wild with no announcements about anything else. The Starter Set, which includes the starting adventure, hasn’t been mentioned. No GM screen. No outline for the future. It feels a lot like they got the license but didn’t really want it…


I agree that the quality was … poor.
But I definitely am not regretting buying the hard copy. Heck I went all in and got the GECK copy.
Getting the PDF for free is a big bonus, but having that hard copy is something that I just need. Being able to thumb through, put random bookmarks all over, etc, to me, is just an irreplaceable part of table top RPGs. The PDF is handy for quick referencing and updates and all, but it is a poor substitute for the physical nature of Pen and Paper RPGs.
My opinion of course. You are welcome to your regrets :slight_smile:

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I’ve found that as I get older, the joy of an actual hardcover RPG book has returned. PDFs are fine but there’s nothing like the feel of a physical book. I love that Modiphius has a free pdf with purchase of the hardcopy policy so I can have both :slight_smile:


I regret buying it after seeing the sale reductions . I’ll be very cautious now on buying anything tbh… I’ll wait for Black Friday/sale reductions from now on.

If Conan is any indication, you won’t see any effort made to fix the physical product for those who bought it before it was fixed.

I understand the cost involved in doing such a thing basically makes it impossible, but when there’s so much that needs fixing it really isn’t a good look.


The pdf is still the same as the April 2021 print copy and there’s no further errata issued since then that I can see…if anybody has a more updated errata document please point me to it.