Campaign book in PDF form

I travel a lot and I have really loved rule books in PDF because it easier to carry them all on phone than the book and less likely to be lost. I downloaded all the rules on line here but the Campaign book. I looked online it looks like it is for purchase. Just curious why that one must be purchased. If it’s the only way I will buy it for ease of use but why is that one different?

I got a free digital download of it linked from my order confirmation email, but I don’t know if that required certain items/a certain amount

The campaign book is for purchase as it includes the narrative rules and AI, we’ve made the basic ‘vs’ game free with units cards, weapon and rules but the story telling component that makes the game special is what you have to pay for. If you have purchased the two player box you do get the pdfs for free and can request them from us by contacting


Thanks for the info I have sent an email to the support email.


My pleasure.