AI's responses/situations

Could an AI model change its Response after entering in a new situation? I know they could change their actions, keeping the same response, but some AI cards have special situations, like Enslaved Tech… If he rolls a bottle with no friendly models in his presence, but after moving for the A response, he now has friendly models in presence, would he change his actions and try to do an O?


On page 10 of the Campaign Handbook, it states that a Response is only determined once. This is done at the start of the model’s activation and lasts for their whole activation.

In answer to your question, a model entering a new set of circumstances between its first and second action would not allow them to roll again for a new Response. It may however, effect which action they end up doing next.

There isn’t anything outstanding about the criteria the Tech in your example uses for determining its Response. Most models in the game tend to go off of their own Health but if there is a Response Matrix where this isn’t the case, it still behaves the same in regards to how they select their Responses.