Adversaries and Wards

How do Wards work when Adversaries get hit by a ranged attack? The revised rulebook says they discard the block token when they receive a melee attack, and then roll against Restoration to add the die to their armor rating.
What would happen against a ranged attack when they have the Block Token? They don’t get the passive yellow die because they are not equipped with a Shield item, and they cannot discard the block token to roll Restoration because it is not a Melee attack…
Do Wards give you nothing against Bows and Spells??
I could understand Wards give a Red die because of the Keyword Resistance: Magic against Spells/Shouts (ranged attack type) without spending the Block Token, but if Wards could protect against physical hits at melee spending the Block Token, why not against physical hits at Range?
They would not hive you nothing, and they would not spend the token.
As example, Nura as Adversary would not roll any die against Bows/Crossbows, she don’t have any armor rating, just the Ward. She would be an Elite Adversary who rolls nothing against an arrow.
If the Melee attack is done with a Spell like Flames, would Nura defend with 1 red die (Resistance: Magic) and one more red die if she passes the test?


Just a heads up for this query but it applies to any others you may have regarding the new rulebook. Posting them here for clarification is fine but most importantly, please ensure you report them via the Google Form in the blog post below. It’ll help us fold your questions in the full release.

In regards to your question, Wards used by Adversaries function just like Wards (or Shields, for that matter) used by any other model - if they are hit by a ranged attack, they do not get to use the Ward. This is because the Ward/Block rules only call out melee attacks as something that can be counterattacked by Block Tokens. If I recall correctly, I think there is a Special Rule that allows use of Block vs ranged attacks but thats about it.

I believe the rulebook addresses how the Wards that provide Resistance work. If an Adversary with a Ward is told to Block, they would perform Block. If they have a Ward that gives Resistance, they gain that keyword. It is now in place to use against anything until it runs out. This is slightly different than Wards being unable to be used against non-melee attacks due to the triggering points of the effects.

To gain the Resistance keyword, the model gets it/triggers the application of it at the point of performing Block. When using Block tokens, the trigger point isn’t the Adversary performing an action - it is another model attacking the model with the Block token.


You cannot spend the token, you just add a Yellow to the armor rating if you are holding a Shield item, so the Ward does not give you a Yellow.

This question is not because of the new rulebook, it uses the previous book equally.

I am not saying to use the token against a ranged attack, I just noticed something that seems unbalanced, because the Adversaries (like Nura) don’t roll anything against a ranged attack if it is not an Spell. Even the cheapest Adversary can roll a Yellow for its armor rating against any attack, but Adversaries like Nura, who only rolls for a Ward at any melee attack (or rolls at distance against spells because of the Magic Resistance), cannot defend against a non-spell ranged attack, maybe because she does not get the passive yellow die (because the rule says “only if you hold a shield”), so, rules as written, she and other similar Adversaries, would not roll any die when they are attacked by a non-elemental Shout or non-Spell ranged attack.

Thanks. We’ll take your thoughts onboard and see if we need to adjust anything in the rulebook in this regard.

I believe that a ward “counts as” a Shield for the passive Yellow for block purposes, but I will get clarification.

It should be, but it should be clarified, it says you use the Ward as a Shield but when you are going to perform a block action to get a token, and when you want to use the token at melee (but you cannot bash, is indicated, obviously).
The thing is you get the passive yellow if you have the equipped Shield, and you don’t need to use anything when you are hit by a ranged attack… so it seems the Ward should say the same, “add yellow to the armor rating automatically when you are hit and you have an active Ward.”