Added rules to the new rulebook

Where could I see the new extra rules added from the card packs, like Blood Magic? I did not find anything about it, or something about the chapter 4.


If you can’t find these inclusions, I’d recommend mentioning this in the feedback form from the blog. If we’ve mentioned it in the blog but they’re not in the book (I know for a fact Shapeshift at least is in there), that’s a problem we need to fix!


Yes, I have seen some new keywords, but not any mention to Blood Magic in any Page, even in the spell subtypes, I have already sent the form.
And what about the chapter 4? What is new?

It looks like blood magic was cut at the last moment.

Chapter 4 stuff is some new keywords.

Cut?? Does that mean it is not going to be there?

It’s in the booklet that comes with the Ch 3 card pack
[[[ EDITED: its Ch 3, not CH 4]]].

So, if you want you read the rules about Blood Magic Spells, you need to buy the chapter 4 card pack, wich is not released, while the Blood Magic is supposely used by Vampires in Chapter 3, isn’t it?

Sorry, typo - its in the Chapter 3 card pack. I’m working on the Ch4 card pack so have it on the brain.

But anyway, what could be the reason to announce this in the blog if there is any reason to take out a main rule as an Spell subtype as this one?
This is really “weird”, when the keywords from Chapter 3 and 4 are there, but there is no reason or explanation to put all the new keywords in the new rulebook except a new spell subtype.
Sorry, but I don’t understand this policy… I could understand this decision if at least the booklet or the rules are uploaded to your website freely to read them, but currently, if you need to buy a card pack to read the new rulings…:confused:

The blood magic cards are all in Chapter 3 card pack, with their rules, so you need both the cards and booklet that are contained within the Chapter 3 Card pack.

But there is no way to know about them before buying the cards.

You cannot know how to set up a Volkihar party because they don’t appear in the Player Factions, and you cannot know how their spells work, because you need to buy a card pack…

And I thought that the reason for the revised rulebook was organizing and having all the rules in the same book to avoid switching between books looking for some rule.

The Volkihar cards are all in the Chapter 3 card pack, so you can’t create a Volkihar party without the Chapter 3 Card pack, which contains all the rules for Blood magic.

The revised rulebook is a revision of the core rules and includes core rules updates (Keywords, mostly) from the card packs. The Blood Magic rules are a rules expansion included in the Ch 3 card pack, so aren’t part of the core rules.

But, you can always add a suggestion to the feedback form that they should be included. I can’t guarantee they will be, as we do have a page count limit.

Maybe you cannot buy any card or any Volkihar mini if you don’t know anything about how they work, their restrictions, their spells… so you cannot know if you like how they work in the game.
Cutting a paragraph/section from the rulebook in the very last moment? :pensive:

I can even see how create a party with Bandits (yes, I know they are there from the beginning, the problem is the missing player Factions from chapter 2 and 3 after a revision), and that is really weird.

The keywords from Chapter 3 are not part of the Core rules, but they are in both places, right? Are not they in the booklet?

The suggestion was already added to the form.


Keywords wich you cannot use/see if you don’t buy the card pack, so they should be on their booklet, but they are in the new rulebook…

And the Sun Damage type is missing too.

I’ve been following the last topic, and I couldn’t agree more with DK-dark.

The way how the decission of cutting some content is weird. I know it could be patched with Ch.4 if necessary, but from my point of view, it’s not the best aproach.

Firstly, all the factions and races should appear in the rulebook, even those that have not been released.
I know the policy that has been defined works with this surprise element, and as you said, there is a limitation in the number of pages of the rulebook.
And the keywords have the same problem: some of them only belong to specific chapters. Why this is included and the factions aren’t?

If you want a good rulebook, here is no middle point: you need to include everything to be clear to the players (your customers), or prepare a separate annex to help them.

As there is no space, I would remove the Factions page and the Keywords ones. And if there is dependency of a chapter, either.

In a separate free downloadble PDF, include all those keywords and factions. This document could be updated without affecting the rulebook. In the rulebook you would only need to reference to that document.

For me, this is the best solution. The situation that DK-dark explained has happened in my group: “How does the Dark Brotherhood work?” There is no accesible information, except if you buy the Ch2.
They don’t want to get a starter with Imperials / Stormcloacks, they want to proxy the Faction and, if it works, they will get everything.
Same happens with Dawnguard and Vampires in Ch3, and will happen with Winterhold College and Thieves Guild in Ch4.

My advice, from experience, is to create a free annex with Keywords and factions, that can be updated each time you need without impacting the rulebook.
And you’ll gain… 9 pages? to explain things better, set examples, etc.
And you can set in that annex a general Index, and an Index grouped by Faction, making an easy task to find things for the player.

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When I bought the game at the beginning, I asked myself “where are the Bandits? They appear as a playable Faction in the core rulebook”, and after looking for them, they are not available…
Then, 1 year later, they don’t appear in Chapter 2.
Now they appear in Chapter 3… but any new Player who reads the new rulebook now, surely he/she gets confused, because the Player Factions are totally mixed in a revised rulebook:
Player Factions from Chapter 1, and one from Chapter 3 the first year, Player Faction from Chapter 2 is missing, and Player Factions from Chapter 3 are missing too (except Bandits wich were released at the beginning), and then the Draugr are there, wich cannot be played without the annex, their minis are from Chapter 1 (and some cards, the rest are in the annex), and without being totally “clear” or “easy” as a usual Player Faction (i.e. Dark Brotherhood or Dawnguard), I don’t know if they are totally tested to add them in the core rulebook.

I agree with @1_Epsilon_1 , I think the best way to handle this without touching the rulebook is having an annex wich can grow with the new key rules, and can be downloaded for anyone.