Achtung Aircraft!?

Any plans to introduce rules for aircraft in any supplements? I know it was mentioned earlier that it would overcomplicate things, and was left out if the Players Guide.

However it would be fantastic to have a supplement that included air, sea, and undersea combat.

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Excerpt from a communique from Agent Carrie (a spy serving as private medical nurse to a top-ranking Nachtwölfe officer) regarding a Messerschmidt prototype:

My researches have led me to the inescapable conclusion that the ‘prince of turbojets’ flown by Kapitan von Ondine was a top-secret conversion that never made it onto known Luftwaffe records …
To begin, it is clear that Von Ondine’s craft carries rockets in the nosecone (‘clustered R4M quartets in my snout’). A configuration of 24-55mm R4Ms was tested in one or two ME262s, but the flash from launching caused vision problems for the pilots, so the R4Ms were moved to underwing racks in all machines that saw combat (except von Ondine’s singular type, of course).
Moreover, von Ondine’s craft also has guns (‘great silver slugs’)… Standard ME262s had cannon in the ‘snout’ (which fired shells, not slugs). It would appear, then, that his jet is the only one fitted with machine-guns, perhaps mounted in underwing pods.
… curiously troubling as well, the unique insignia on the tail that can be seen in the only existing photographs of the aircraft.

Kaptain Von Ondine’s Dunklewäffen ME 262

[quotes from “ME 262” composed by Perlman/Dharma/Bloom]