WAR ON THE WING - Campaign Updates

My A!C 2d20 Campaign is underway, entitled WAR ON THE WING!

Our characters:

  • A Dutch academic extracted from Holland by the British for his secret knowledge
  • The last surviving fighter from a Norwegian village keeping to the Old Ways and older magics
  • A Jewish scholar from Spain whose research into infinity has unstuck him from the stream of time
  • A seductive assassin and the last night many a Nazi infantryman ever sees
  • A WW1 veteran driven to survive and seeing the Weird War as a path to greater value
  • The best driver in the RAF who was assigned to the Weird War
  • A former Ivy Leaguer philologist who found out his lifelong “luck” was magic
  • A Russian folk magician whose village was cursed by Nazi Evil Magic and joined the Allies to fight back

These characters are spread across 2 gaming groups for scheduling reasons, but will be following the same overarching campaign plot.

Our “pre-session” was a flashback to Hyperborea, setting up some of the motifs and symbols that will be important in the ongoing campaign. In fact, I made a recap video for it!

You can watch it here!

Our first proper session is tomorrow night, as our heroes enter Paris in August of 1944…


Sounds great!

Hope you all have a fun yet harrowing time.

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