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Okay, first post? Odd…

Anyway. Possibly dumb question, potentially obvious answer, but still.

  1. When transferring characters from one vehicle to another, it is obviously permissible to leave a vehicle without operators. Thunderbird 2 can then pick up either Thunderbird 4 or FAB 1, operator or no, and transport it elsewhere. Is it then possible to fulfill the requirements of a mission that requires the presence of said driverless vehicle in that location? Nowhere in the rules does it state that a required vehicle need have a driver, but narratively it seems like there should be someone to drive it. Though maybe they have remote control devices or something. It is the Future, after all.

I took an interest in this game when I saw a bunch of different reviewers give it glowing praise earlier this year, and was disapointed to see it out of print. I think the main thing they said was that the “The Hood” expansion really made this game.

I was ready to buy the whole set. I rarely buy new games, because I get very few chances to play. The fact that it is good for solo is an extra incentive given so many of us are facing covid lockdown. I love the theme, and was preparing a batch of kazoo’s to play out the theme tune at the game opening.

This really feels like a rare gem has been snatched from my grasp. In the short term I was hoping that you would print another batch of the same edition. I would snap that up.

Maybe you could print a revised edition of the game, incorporating the extra elements from the “Hood” expansion that made the reviewers so excited.

I’ll pop in and say I really loved this game, too.
Shame it’s been discontinued. The expansions are hard to find.