Zero-G Movement

In high-g and low-g environments, certain tests increase or decrease in difficulty and certain skills are limited to the ranks in Extraplanetary.

But the section about zero-g does not provide much information. Can you even make melee attacks or perform defense reactions? If yes, does the difficulty change of those tests? Or do you just use the Extraplanetary skill for everything?

Gravity Movement: A character attempting Acrobatics, Athletics, or Close Combat tests while in non-standard gravity reduces their Expertise and Focus ranks to those of their Extraplanetary skill. Moving easily in space or on unterraformed worlds is challenging even for the most physically adept.

The Extraplanetary Skill itself isn’t used, its Exp/Foc just defines a max cap foo using the other skills when i a high/low/zero gravity environment, all the skills are available and all various actions are possible assuming GM circumstance allows. (Yes, thats about the same as just using the Extraplanetary skill, but its important for talents and actions you can take etc, also you may not have some skills above the cap while others are.)

The part about modifying difficulty levels refers mostly to doing things like hauling around a heavy weight in ZeeGee (lower difficulty by 1) or stopping your momentum in ZeeGee when heading towards a death trap while towing a heavy weight (increase difficulty by 1, momentum is a PITA). Or maybe manipulating fine objects through bulky space suit gloves and other such incidental challenges.

For standard everyday actions the use of Extraplanetary capping ballistics/Acrobatics/Melee etc should be enough of a penalty, just use Complications themed to the gravity to illustrate that even a skilled individual can sometimes not deal with variable gravity well.


Thanks for your responses, you are really helping me out a lot.

So essentially I was overthinking the situation and there are no fixed difficulty changes like in high- or low-g. Difficulty is whatever the situation demands.

Unless you see a rule specifically calling out a Difficulty Mod its all circumstances up to the GM, if you look in the margin near a skill it gives you some idea of things that can influence the Difficulty. Extraplanetray iirc talks about having the right equipment, environmental effects etc

0-G or low gravity environment are this i haven’t dared to introduce in my game, i’ve no experience GM this kind of situation and my players have no experience playing it, making me a bit afraid to run this kind of play. I’m curious about how often people on the forum tackle 0G or low G, and does it bring something cool to the table ? .

If memory serves, I wrote some zero-G movement rules as part of the spacecraft section of the GM’s guide. However, I’ve not seen the finished book, so I don’t know if they’re in the final version.

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a) @Modiphius-Nathan, you the man!

b) They’re on pp 158-9 of the GMs Guide.

I’ve not run them in Infinity yet, but I’ve used them in other games (like Traveller), and they do definitely add an additional challenge. Especially if you’ve got some characters who have managed to pick up some skill with Extraplanetary, as it can give them an opportunity to shine (and a tactical opportunity to inconvenience a recurring opponent who doesn’t have that experience - a fine example of picking your battlefields). That said, I would recommend not attempting that trick against Nomad opposition - they will likely hand you the body part of their choice in return.