Can you reduce Difficulty below zero in Dune 2d20?

On a Skill Test, if it is Difficulty 0 and you have a Trait or Asset or both that narratively apply, that would reduce it further, to -1 or -2, does this affect the number of Successes you get?

Personally I would say it bottoms out at D0 once all assets and traits have been applied.

D0 is effectively just walking down the street.
Even if there are railings to hold onto they aren’t needed unless there is something making the walk harder.

Trying to gain additional successes (presumably for the Momentum) by reducing TN to negatives feels a little cheesy personally. :cheese:

Yup, 0-5 are the only Difficulty levels.
But if you are calculating modifiers you can run above or below for the purpose of figuring out the final difficulty. Just once you have that make sure it is from 0-5.

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Thanks - nice and clear now

I think that if you add a difficulty on a test for 5, it should considered not possible (so the test fails even if you have five “1”).
On the opposite, reducing the difficulty of a test for 0 should make it an automatic win. You want to cut an ennemy with your knife, it’s 2. But if you have a great knife, a skill with blade, and the ennemy is actually knocked out on the ground, you don’t test, you just do.

The difference with a test for 0 is mainly that you don’t even earn momentum because the task is so trivial it won’t help you later. But as always, it’s up to the GM.

Oops. I thought the purpose of Difficulty 0 skill tests is to HELP them bank Momentum. Seems like I read that in one of the adventures, Harvesters or Wormsign? That there are intentionally some 0 Difficulty tests at the start so they can gain some Momentum to get going.

*Maybe it said that statement in-regards to Difficulty 1 test?

That is correct.

If the GM allows you to roll a D0 test, it is only to generate Momentum.

But the GM might decide that after reducing Difficulties to D0, there is no roll justified anymore, so not even a D0 test to generate Momentum. Things became so trivial, there is nothing to be gained from it.

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Yup, if the test is that trivial, you’d not bother making it. :slight_smile:
Difficulty 0 rolls are used mainly for when the players want to do something that should rightly give them a bonus but its tricky to spell out what that bonus might be.

Best example is at a party. A PC might say ‘I’ll have a general chat to people and get the mood of the room and maybe pick up some gossip’.
Now they GM has to invent lots of possible rumours or suchlike, many of which might derail the actual adventure and none of which are something the PC really wants. So you can use a D0 test and the momentum gained represents how people reacted to meeting the PC as they took a turn about the room.
Then can then spend the momentum with a clearer narrative reason as the scene progresses.
Buying more dice in an Intrigue might be because they made a new friend who is backing them up.
Reducing a Difficulty might be due to an embarrassing rumour they heard.
Creating a blackmail asset might be due to learning some secrets after meeting a mutual enemy of their target.
All of this being stuff they learned as they took a turn about the room


Wow. I see. Ok, Andy, that takes another view on it that I hadn’t heard or understood.

I’m hearing you say that Difficulty0’s can be “rewarded” to a PC, for doing prep that should give them a bonus later. The Successes collected against the Difficulty Zero check, will serve as momentum points they can spend later, and when spending those momentum points the narrative credit can be because they did the prep-work actions.

That is compatible but a little bit different than what I was thinking of giving Difficulty Zero near the start of the session, to start giving them Momentum to play with.

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Yup, they are a tool for the GM to use to cover those ‘I check it out’ moments from the players.
It might be checking out a party, scouting a battlefield, researching an enemy, reading up on a subject etc.

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