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XP and acting in accord to your Icon

Salaam fellow travellers.
I’m organizing my adventures in the Third Orizon, but I have troubles understanding the “act in accord to your Icon”. I can get some of this (the merchant strikes a deal, the dancer create a song etc.), but some others are more difficult from me: what should do, for example, a character with the Lady of Tears Icon (I thouth being supportive with the suffering ones etc.)?
How did you managed that in your adventures?

I would have the players describe how their characters acted in accordance with their Icon. Also, I would allow very broad interpretations. For example, the Dancer is athletic so a character who chooses a bold move (for example, leaping from a stack of crates to tackle an opponent) has acted in accordance with their Icon. In the same combat, a follower of the Lady of Tears might pray for the opponents who died in the fight. Perhaps after the combat is over, that character closes their eyes, arranges their body into a comfortable position, covers them with a sheet, and offers up a brief prayer for their safe passage to the next life. That is a bit of role-playing that costs the player nothing yet would be in keeping with their character’s Icon.
A follower of the Lady of Tears might also admonish others - even other player characters - for speaking ill of the dead, or for being disrespectful of the fallen. Again, it’s a bit of role-playing that doesn’t cost the player anything but can earn an XP for bringing life and depth to their character.