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Win at a cost and _bestial failure

Two sessions ago, I rolled fewer successes than I should have to reach the difficulty and succeed in a roll. One of the hunger dice scored a 1. According to the rules, this is a _bestial failure (page 207). However, according to the rules, having got at least one success, I could take a win at a cost (page 121).

In short, the question is this: can I get a win at a cost even if the roll should be a _bestial failure? The rulebook does not say anything explicit about it (or I have not been able to find it).

Win at a cost: Say I need 5 successes to open a door. When I roll I get: 4 successes and 4 failures. None of the dice rolled came up a natural 1(skull). I could open the door, but set of the security alarm as a result of not having enough successes. Same situation, but this time I have 3 successes and and 5 failures(no 1s or Skulls). This time I open the door, but the alarm goes off and I’m caught on video breaking and entering. The higher the margin of failure, the worse the cost to win the test.

_beastial Failure: I need 5 successes to open the door. This time I roll 4 successes 3 failures and 1 _beastial Failure. So I kick the door open in a fit of rage, and remain paranoid for the remainder of the scene. I know that someone had to notice my actions, now where are they, and when will they be coming for me…

Win at a cost is a great way to add flavor to checks and tests without making characters do the same thing over and over again. Provided that they have rolled at least one success.

_beastial Failure on the other hand is literally the character losing control of their beast for a small moment in time. A willpower reroll is the only way to negate a _beastial Failure. The roll of a _beastial Failure overrules the use of win at a cost.

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I didn’t really understand one thing: are you suggesting that you can have a win at a cost and a _bestial failure at the same time?

_bestial Failure supercedes the win at a cost mechanic. If a _bestial Failure is present, then that is what it is. The only way to undo a _bestial Failure is to spend willpower and reroll up to 3 black dice, in hopes of having a success instead of a failure. A natural 1(skull) in a successful role means nothing.

You can not use the win at a cost mechanic at the same time as a _beastial failure. Win at cost is immediately disabled with the presence of _beastial failures.

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Crystal clear! Thank you.

Glad to be able to help out. Any time you have a question, feel free to ask.

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