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Why not make 2D20 core avails as .pak file for Fantasy Grounds

I really love this system. My friends and I have been playing tabletop RPGs on Fantasy Grounds (Unity) since March, for obvious reasons. Conan is great, but I want to adapt the 2D20 system to my own setting without having to sacrifice the quality of life features that VTTs can bring to the game experience. Unfortunately, because of how fiddly the pools are, it is difficult to use without a 2D20-specific programmatic GUI.

As the latest versions of FG have started locking third-party files as encrypted .dat files rather than the (older and open) .pak archive format, after paying $45 to Nerdeye what I got was not all that helpful in this regard. Yes, it makes running Conan easier. But unlike all the other games on FGU, buying it didn’t get me any sort of 2D20 SRD or ruleset. That’s a lot to pay considering that I’ve gained no access to the underlying system and thus I am confined to this very narrow band of content (text from one quick-start module) within an already narrow band of content (just the Conan-specific version of 2D20). I cannot write extensions for it that include my own content with regard to rules, AFAIK, because of the aforementioned encryption.

It is perfectly understandable that your DRM would seek to protect the license agreements you’ve made with the various IP holders, for obvious reasons. However, the core mechanics for 2D20 (by which I mean a cohesive VTT approach to setting Difficulty and tracking Momentum/Doom Spend; not just tokens, but in terms of Immediate spend modifying dice pools, etc.) should be a thing you can buy, just as with 5e, and extend into your own world-building exercises.

The reason for this is simple: you will make a lot more money if you make it as frictionless as possible for people (and especially world-builder nerds) to use your ■■■■ on a VTT, because the virus. That’s the headline, anyway. The reasons for why that should be axiomatic are obvious to me, but YMMV. Happy to explain further, if necessary.

As a quick aside: I did some searches for Fantasy Grounds and other key words and saw nothing about this subject, but my sincere apologies if there is some info out there that I missed which would render the above moot.