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Why is the khopesh so much better than any other weapon?

The stats for the khopesh seem ridiculous when compared to other swords. Why would anyone ever use a normal sword or a cutlass when you can get a khopesh just as easily and it has all of the benefits of both of those blades with Intense thrown in for good measure?

Besides it being one-handed, it has the same stats as an axe.
4 combat dice damage, Intense, Vicious 1.
A khopesh does not have Parrying.
So, in effect, it is a one-handed axe-like weapon, not better, but quite similar to all the axes in the core book.

The problem is, that Intense quality is VERY deadly anyway, and as such makes choosing an axe much more likely than any other (mostly inferior) melee weapon.

It is a good weapon but I personally would prefer a spear. The longer reach, one handed with enough brawn, and the AP quality would make it better against well armored foes with reach 2 weapons. The khopesh would do more damage vs no or low armored foes who can’t keep you out reached.

My pdf copy of Conan the Adventurer lists Khopesh as having Intense, Parrying, Vicious 1. Maybe they modified the weapon stats in a later copy…that would make a lot more sense.

I have just re-downloaded the PDF of Conan the Adventurer via Backerkit, which is dated from March 11th, 2020.
In this version, still, the Khopesh has Intense and Vicious 1, NOT Parrying or other weapon qualities.
Maybe check that you download or re-download the current version?

I’m just glad to hear that the weapon has been changed. I’ll certainly try to get a more recent version,

In what book is the Khopesh listed. I have looked all over and I can’t find any real official stats for the weapon. I know there are stats in the character creator but in what book and on what page is the actual stats listed. Thanks for any help.

Conan the Adventurer, page 27.