Why can't Psychos take fragmentation grenades in battlemode?

It’s on their AI card, it’s totally within the tech level that Raiders have, and it works well with their stats - why not? Seems like an oversight.

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BoS paladin has a gatling laser (Str 7+ is required) and machete on his AI card but no Power Armor. The paladin Str is 6 so… I would neither say that 3 frag grenades is a wise choice for a psycho (the model becomes too expensive).
I mean the AI cards were issued a while ago and probably they have to be revised. But I think the idea of a psycho is a cheap low-level equipment (wasteland items) and it’s just easier to add the items from a new wave to a corresponding category than assigning the available items for each unit.

AI and battlemode have no relationship to each other.

The current battlemode equipment tiers were an evolution of the original limited gear approach I wrote that was then evolved by the playtest community to give a better flavour of the resources and methods of battle that each faction might use.

The idea of psychos is they are chem fuelled combat fighters, so not necessarily coherent enough to use more higher tech items.

Its not a perfect system and as I say its under review, but at present it is as presented.

In the games frag grenades are fairly common gear for raiders.

I guess I disagree with the idea that frag grenades should be more refined gear, and not with the idea that psychos are too crazy/high/degenerate to maintain refined gear.

Are you part of the playtesting group?

If not, we are always looking for more volunteers as this would be where concepts like this get discussed and ultimately implemented.

Future revisions to the module could then allow for other load outs.

I’ve got a decent sized local community that’d be down to playtest, I’m sure.

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We’d be more than happy to do so. We’ve been working hard to break the game haha.

Drop me a line and I can get folks into the playtest group for sure.

The more the merrier.

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What’s a good email to contact you at?