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When did the JSA Uprising happen?

In the Infinity RPG core book the starting time for play is given at the year 67 NC.

The YuJing source book is set after the JSA Uprising. But I couldn’t find any date given, when the Uprising actually happened in the Infinity time line.

When is the JSA Uprising set on the Infinity time line? - At least the year would be helpful, but a more detailled date would be even more helpful.

this is a great question but hard to pin down. nearest i can figure is that is that 66 NC is the end of the second offensive which is dated by Human Sphere (but pretty sure the first edition book) as 175 years into the future. Uprising and Third Offensive are dated as 177 years in the future (~ 68/69 NC) and then N4 is 180 years in the future (~71/72 NC), which would make it about 2200 AD?

i think part of the reason it gets hard to date between books is that from 2005 to 2018 it was always 175 years in the future. then Uprising jumps the time line two years followed in quick succession by Third Offensive and Daedelus’ Fall. So for 13 years it’s the same year and in the last two we’ve advanced five. go figure.

I’m asking about the date, because my players asked me in our first session of our new campaign set after the Uprising. And I was stumped that I couldn’t find any actual date or even just the year the Uprising happened - not even in the YuJing sourcebook, where the Uprising is mentioned a lot, but no date is given.

So assuming 68 NC would be alright, if we want to play in the Human Sphere after the Uprising occured?

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personally, i think it’s fine to say 68 NC. only details in the Uprising book is that the insurrection runs roughly six months from August to January (it literally lists the calendar days, but not the year! leads me to believe that the NC came after the wargame chronology which is why it’s hard to reconcile). i think most important, if you want to hew close to the official timeline, is that Uprising happens before Third Offensive (where JSA will distinguish themselves at Ghezirah, among other fronts). Then after that you have Daedelus’ Fall and all the Triumverate intrigue.

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