What to expect from Sand and Dust

I’ve been planning on buying the expantion book for quite some time now (the PDFs are quite expensive if you convert the price to local currency before anyone asks/judges), and I’d like to know what to expect when it comes to Spice.

Even though my friends don’t know much aboit Dune, they quite enjoy more realistic settings, so I was wondering if spice would cause withdraw symptoms, count as an Asset, and how to keep track on its use. (My friend made a fanmade expanded character sheet with slots for Solarii, Spice and Water (for when they go to Arrakis)… they are “traditional” RPG players, so keeping track of money is second nature while gaming.

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Yep, there is a section in the Talents (Pg 70) about Spice Addiction. Basically if you regularly use Spice (and some of the new Spice Talents require this) you will gain the trait ‘Spice Addicted’. Essentially this requires that you have regular supply of Spice. Failure to do so means you may lose access to certain Spice Talents and the trait may be used against you. That bribe of some Spice is feeling awfully tempting now…

The same page also details Spice as an Asset. Usable in various ways, the aforementioned bribes, access to the Talents, etc…

Actual use of Spice and tracking it is more fuzzy, like most things in Dune. As long as you have the asset you are assumed to have access to Spice. But like all assets it can be attacked and thus access removed.

Dune in general isn’t one for much book keeping outside of Momentum, and even that is pretty light compared to ‘traditional’ RPGs.
Because it is so light there is a lot of space for you to add a more detailed structure above it though.
You would need to bend the momentum rules about creating assets in places, but even that isn’t too hard.
I’ve yet to find a system I haven’t made a few tweaks to while playing it (And that includes Dune).

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