Dust and Sand suitable for a Spice Harvesting campaign?


I’m checking out the Sand and Dust book. I’d like to run a game where my players’ House is responsible for Spice production and have to run the whole harvesting operation - carryalls, harvesters, the worms, the Spice Miner’s union, harvester pad 9, spotter control, the whole deal.

Does Sand and Dust have the rules and information to support a campaign like that?

Chapter 3: The Politics of Spice (About 23 pages)

This has:

  • The uses & effects of spice and some spice talents
  • Sandworms, their cycle and how to use them in a game
  • Spice Harvesting, House, Fremen & ‘Unlicensed’ harvesting operations (It even has a section on Auditing & Accounting… :wink:)
  • And finally how to use these in a game, including plot hooks & challenges

So, yep I think it has a solid block for running a harvesting operation as well details of Cathag & Arakeen (and the factions in them) which would both be useful for the campaign.

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Thank you so much! Thats exactly what I wanred to know!

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