What is Wave 4?

What are the books make up Wave 4?

Is the Conan Product Line page updated?

There’s a number of Wave 4 books listed here. Is this what you meant? It appears that Kull of Atlantis (complete and releasing soon) may be the first of it.


Kull of Atlantis is wave 3, as listed in the Kickstarter updates. Wave 4 would be Spear&Fang, Waves Stained Crimson, The Shadow of the Sorcerer, Secret Societies and Fighting Orders and one more adventure has been mentioned.


But the Product line page fails to mention Secret Societies and Fighting Orders @Grandz.

Was it cancelled?

That’s a good question. I think we’ll know when and if the Kickstarter begins updates on Wave 4.

Let’s hope they keep it.

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