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What is the most deadly 2D20 system /setting?

I am curious if there are 2d20 systems where combat is deadly and dangerous? I am only familiar with Conan (is not deadly or dangerous) and Mutant Chronicles (bit more than in Conan) , but how about other systems.

My players founds Conan to be quite deadly and dangerous - enough that tactics, talents and equipment made a big difference.

Star Trek Adventures can be due to the way injuries work in that game but you’re also not going to be engaging in combat often.

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I found Mutant Chronicles the deadliest 2d20 game yet.
Infinity is a bit less deadly, although the weapon systems there are quite vicious.
Conan characters with some combat orientation are very hard to kill, characters with a more scholarly orientation are fragile.
STA has very little actual combat and you can remedy potentially lethal hits by using Momentum/Threat or if you get taken out you have very advanced healing capabilities on your ship to be back on duty in no time at all.

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!

But yeah, I agree with @FrankF, MC3 is deadlier than Conan due to the segmentation of vigor.

Yeah, if you got hit with a disruptor, that would be bad