What is Planet Hausos?

I’m writing up a new campaign at the moment that is going to borrow some themes from Firefly and some animes like Black Lagoon, about a Submundo starship crew wandering the Human Sphere doing odd jobs and trying to stay one step ahead of the authorities and bankruptcy.

My campaign is going to start out in the Helios system on Dawn, and will probably center around the planets and asteroid settlements of Helios. The frontier feel and the clash between hyper power civilization and Ariadna really fits with the themes I am borrowing from my sources of inspiration.

Anyway, I am building the setting for my game I am trying to flesh out the Helios system with interesting places and organizations to interact with my party, until I came across Hausos.

Apparently, Hausos is a terrestrial world that appears to be within the Goldilock’s Zone of Helios, but it only appears in the system map of the Dawn section of the core book. It is never mentioned in the Ariadna sourcebook, or anywhere else that I have seen. I also play N3, and I don’t think I have ever seen it mentioned in any N3 books either.

Has anyone ever found other mention of this planet in any other book? If not, does anyone have any ideas for how I can turn it into a location for my campaign?

The Ariadna book doesn’t give a lot of info on the Helios System itself really.

Given that Dawn was settled over it, I imagine despite it being classes as “Terrestrial” its probably a less resource rich world, presumably warmer given its closer orbit to the systems sun and Dawn is often described s being cold.

Hausos is the name of a Proto-Indo-European Dawn Goddess according to Wikipedia so I’d run with that. Make it a Proton-terrestrial world, something technically inhabitable but with a high green-house effect or significant geological issues that make it unattractive for long-term habitation and/or impractical for other nations to consider terraforming.

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Yep. Dawn was a better bet for the settlers, which says something about Hausos. And the Ariadnans aren’t really set up for exploring the rest of their own planet, let alone colonising another. You’d possibly find some covert research bases from PanO and YuJing, seeing whether there’s anything interesting there.

Thanks for the thoughts, guys. I was leaning towards writing it as a sort of hot Mars, dotted with a handful of PanO and Yu-Jing mining rigs.

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