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Dark systems in Infinity


Are there any additional information about dark systems (star systems without habitable planet) in canon. I know that I can invent my own but I don’t want reinvent the wheel.

Not specifically that I am aware of. I think that a few dark systems are mentioned variously throughout the back ground information in a number of sourcebooks, the upcoming PanOceania sourcebook, I believe, has a piece on the Space Exploration Division, and that may include at least one.

Depending on what your after I could imagine systems used as hiding places for submondo stations, fought over for the resources they offer, or places where exploration crews have been stranded due to ship damage. They offer some really cool possibilities for play in my view!

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Secret Yu Jing shipyards hidden in dark systems building enormous fleet?
EI staging area?
Secret Nomad AI laboratories?
O-12 Prison?
Posibilites are infinite.

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Exactly! Love the possibiliies they represent! All those are cool ideas and would make a great basis for an entire campaign!

Dark system will be part of my next campaign if I only convince my players to new game… They are very picky lately…

PanOceanian penal colony, dead hassasin’s cube, and infiltration of the dark system with ancient space station…

I love Infinty. Space opera without space-magic with transhuman and cyberpunk elements. Lots of great campaign ideas. I hope that there will be pdf with fixed careers soon.


I have a related question – one about the Human Sphere map in Core. Is every link there a single wormhole (that would mean Dawn has again direct link to Sol) or can it be multiple wormholes going through “uninteresting” systems?

Canon says its a 1:1 wormhole used by a circular (space train) but these arent the only wormholes. Some wormholes lead to places of limited utility. If a GM wants a multijump voyage go for it. Its just not canon.

Thanks. It is not that I need to change it, was not sure how to understand the map.

Existence of other w-h can be kind of deduced anyway. Sol has 7 direct wormholes to star systems with habitable planets. Since canon (and real world astrophysics) claim that habitable planets are very rare I assume there must be many more w-h going to less interesting places.

On page 144 of Corebook is a blue box named “THE DARK BETWEEN”, which claimed, that a Circular moving between Sol and Yu Jing had to travel a starless void for hours before using a wormhole.

You should also mention from the text p144 TheDarkBetween, that the route pass through several uninhabited systems.
This atleast calms me a litte bit. If they would only connect systems (or mostly) with habitable worlds, this would be more than coincidence, leading to the question who had “drilled” them…?

On the other hand i can’t imagine that humans wouldnt make use of this “dark systems” , especially when the human sphere is still a quite clear area. So why is there only one Human Edge System ??? And how doess the “dark frontier” looks like ?

How many wormholes have a starsystem in the average ? (There are already 7 habitable worlds connected to sol, and the Human Edge System. So i assume that it must be a lot more.)

Are there any information about astronomical distances of the human sphere ?

Do humans also use slower-than-light space travel to reach new starsystems ? I could imagine that there are a lot of cheap recon drones, racing toward new systems or that there are several colonisation attempts with classical concepts of “stasis” sleepers or generation ships. Even if it is only the dramatic try of some of the hyperelites to reach a place behind the wormholenetwork (maybe an ark to escape the EI …)