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While we’re waiting for an official fix for the Inner Worlds Table in the Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide (in case you haven’t noticed, it’s a duplicate of the Outer Worlds Table, both on p. 305), I thought we could share some homebrewed replacements for it. Here’s what I came up with:

1-4      Class Y (Demon Planet)
5-9      Class H (Desert)
10-19    Class N (Acidic Atmosphere)
20       Class L (Marginal)

I kept it simple. The inner worlds in our own solar system are Mercury and Venus, so most of the table is based on those two archetypes. I wasn’t sure if Mercury would classify as Y or H, so I split the difference, giving H a slight edge, so that the more dramatic “Demon Planet” is also the less frequent one. Class N | Memory Alpha | Fandom describes Venus as a textbook example of Class N, so that was pretty straightforward. Since the Outer Worlds Table had a 1-in-20 slot for a Marginal world, I did the same here for symmetry.

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Well-spotted and corrected!

Only comment I would make is that in the real universe, as revealed by recent exoplanet surveys, there are plenty of systems with hot gas giants (class J) orbiting really close to their suns.

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This is a nice alternative table.

(There was a bit of a talk on this topic in the “‘Hex-Crawling’ the Shackleton Expanse” thread, but no real acknowledgement that the printed material was in error).

I may steal this.

BCing you

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Oh, sorry. Thought I’d posted this a while ago. Will update the PDF eventually, but here’s the correct info for the table.

Inner Worlds Table
D20______Inner Worlds
1 ________Class Y (Demon)
2-3_______Class B (Geomorteus)
4-6_______Class N (Reducing)
7-11______Class J (Hot Jupiter)
12-16_____Class D (Barren) or Asteroid Belt
17-19_____Class H (Desert)
20_______Class L, K, or M

Note: If you roll a result that lists multiple choices, you may choose one that fits a story you wish to tell.


You were right!

Thanks so much! There’s a lot more variety here than I thought of.
And of course I should have checked Memory Beta as well. There it turns out that Mercury is considered Class B geomorteus planet | Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki | Fandom

Yay. Thanks for posting that.


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