Welcome in adulthood

A year ago the team has saved a klingon planet from a terrible flat-head virus (see “Doomed to repeat the past” scenario).
The son of the Klingon Commander of the Neranda Station was on the planet at this time, so the players saved his life. Now the son returns on Neranda station for a ritual ceremony for entering adulthood and acceptance in the clan. The players are invited. Will they be capable to make all go well?
Complications for the scenario:

  • Federation got no money
  • Translators work weirdly on the series
  • You’re not on your ship, you’re in the Klingon part of the station
  • What happened on B’el’th paH is classified
  • Don’t break Klingon’s Alliance

Scene 1: You’re convoked
The Human commander of the Neranda station call your captain, the doctor, and the players (and maybe some support characters the players have to choose nowas their +1) and give them nominative invitation to a ceremony for the entering of the Klingon’ commander’s son in adulthood and in his place in the Clan. The ceremony will take place in 2 days with the arrival of the son at the base.
They can realize that it’s a rare honor and nobody knows why they were invited they are the only non-klingon invited even the starfleet commander don’t know why
They have also to realize that a gift is needed for the son and the father
Maybe a Ferengi has something to sell but choose wisely (and find latinium) or make it yourself
if they investigate the ship comes from B’el’th paH a planet they saved from the Augment virus a year ago
if they try to find what happened to the son he was just released from the hospital but the medical file is classified (he has contracted the augment virus and had a flat head until a long treatment )

Scene 2:The big Dinner

  • some food is alive (hard for empaths and telepaths)
  • Beer is strong (a good way to increase the complication range and make fitness tests )

They are the only non klingon, not at the table of honor (classified) but well placed, a batter place than many klingons (so 75% of the audience don’t know why they’re here, and the ones who know don’t talk)
They can see the son for the first time (and the doctor can guess some plastic surgery with a good roll)

Scene 3: the Klingon opera
Complication: Do you speak klingon? because translators don’t translate Klingon Opera
Attending a long klingon opera after beers, meals, when you understand nothing. Very hard. And sure not tolerable to sleep or worse to snore by Klingons opera. fans.
Taunt the engineer in fixing the translator to translate Opera.For 2 threat points an officionado after the end will try to brawl with the engineer for showing disrespect for not listening Klingon opera in klingon native language, the reason why the translators don’t trnslate opera is this one (the goal is to impress the engineer enough to make him burn determination and medal uses)
For those who understand the choice of thé opéra is strange about a klingon who access a role he doesn’t deserve and causes the fall of his house
The commander is upset as well as some part of thé audience who understood the opéra meaning
Part also liked it.
One thing is sure, the opera director will die soon… unless the boy fails
They can find that the commander brother finds that is son will be a more suitable heir than this false flat head

Scene 4: the Holo hunt
Complication : klingon’s holodeck security protocols are off by default
The last part is a solo hunt ordeal against a klingon native species to proove the boy’s value
But the hologram has been altered to invincible. The plan is that the son is killed by the beast and avenged by his cousin(who knows nothing of his father plan) after the
holodeck technician has reverted the changes
Maybe the engineer can shutdown all holodecks in time
Maybe they can identify the technician

Maybe they know enough to convince the commander who likes them already to act
Maybe the brother will die soon in an accident and his son adopted

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