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Need Plot Help Unofficial Living Campaign

All right, so I wrote a second season of the living campaign, exploring what happens in the other dimension and detailing the return of Tilikaal to the prime universe. Now, the group wants more, so it’s time for Season 3 of the Unofficial Living Campaign.
I’m using a metaplot that the Borg conquer the western arm of the Shackleton Expanse with plans to assimilate the Romulan Empire. Tilikaal falls to the Borg.
I’m writing an episode where the Enterprise-D is assigned to assist the PCs’ ship as they are sent to Romulan Space to request to be heard by the Continuing Committee, to warn them the Borg are coming. The Romulans don’t take the warning seriously and plan to hold Picard and the PC Captain prisoner for interrogation by the Tal Shiar. The ships are to be confiscated and the crews to be ferried to the RNZ to be turned over to Federation authorities. That’s where I hit a wall. What happens next? There’s one Romulan who believes the captains and will help. The captains can’t communicate easily with their ships. What happens next?
Ideas will be greatly appreciated.
Garrett Crowe

Enterprise-D was destroyed in 2371. They haven’t returned to the good universe.

I would suggest that it largely depends on what the players decide to do

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Drop a Borg cube into Romulan space, close enough to make the Romulans realise that they’re on the menue for assimilation and think twice about the way they treat the messengers.

I should have made it Enterprise-E. Thanks.
Because it’s a Borg-based series of events I’ve played the Borg cube enters the scene motif several times. I was hoping for something else.
I’m leaning toward an orbital defense platform that can prevent the Federation ships from leaving until it’s disabled. But I’m open for more ideas.

What about a dead borg cube, killed by species (forgot number)
Could they allow Romulans to take all the tech not destroyed ?
What if one of the survivor is a former member of Unimatrix 0. Will they take risks to save him from the Romulians? Could they allow him to escape with the cube?
What if the survivor was an assimilated ferengi ? (for immunity to telepathy and the inoffensive feelings from the players)
what if it was a liar from the start, as a good ferengi should be even assimilated?
Can a somewhat broken ferengi borg retrieve his sense of profit with Latinium and betray the collective for personal profit (at least for a moment)?
Will the players will keep their word once he’s dead?
Willl they manage to pay the price to her beloved mother?
Will they manage to taking back the price by selling the body to her mother and gain respect and ally?
Will the ferengi authorities will tax them on profit?

What about a dead borg cube, killed by species (forgot number)

That is Species 8472, the only species in screen canon to be resistant to the Borg’s assimilation nanoprobes and a definite threat to the Borg’s existence.

Ahhhh, assimilated Ferengi. Reminds me of the glorious acting of Jeri Ryan in Voyager 5x07 “Infinite Regress”… :heart_eyes:
That was simply outstanding.

I’ve wanted to do an 8472 adventure for a while. Might go that direction.