Weapons Which Ignore Armor - Combat Knife

This situation came up in a game I played the other day. I attack with the Combat Knife, and it hits with a cola bottle, which should trigger the “1 damage ignores armor” effect. However, the target has 2 armor and rolls a 1 on the amor die, which should block one damage. I’m not exactly sure how this should resolve. Should it be:

  • One damage gets through, because one gets blocked by armor, and the other one gets through naturally. The armor bypass doesn’t factor in at all. (If the target had rolled a 2 on the armor die then 1 would’ve gotten through because of the bypass)
  • One damage gets through because it bypasses armor. The other damage does get blocked by the armor roll.
  • Two damage through, because one is unblocked by armor, and the one which should be blocked by armor ignores the armor.

I resolved it the first way - with only one damage getting through. It seemed the most logical to me, but an official explanation would be appreciated!

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:point_up_2: This.
It always bypasses first, then you use the normal damage steps as always.


As @DK-dark stated is correct