Weak and normal Behemoth rock throw

What’s the point of the white grenade icon over the colour bars? What does it mean? Do you add the unit throwing skill (black range) to the colour bar??? Are they erratas?

The grenade icon just indicates that it’s a thrown weapon and uses the grenade skill to hit - no additional range or anything complicated like that.

Unlike a regular thrown item which uses the unit’s thrown range (black for behemoth) the rock throws have a set long and short range like a pistol or rifle. So a behemoth can throw a “normal” thrown weapon like a Molotov at black range, but throws the rocks according to the range on the card.

I supposed that, but it seems pointless when the rules say your skill roll must be using your skill icon matching the top left icon on the weapon card, and after seeing Pulse gun has a typo with this (it has a white Grenade icon over the blue bar, being a pistol), this could be the same, because it does mean nothing, you have already the main thrown weapon icon on the top left… just that, maybe it could create some confusion for new players

Hey @DK-dark

@RyanDanger87 has it correct regarding the Rock Throws.

That Grenade symbol on the short range ruler of the Pulse Gun is a typo. That should be disregarded.

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