Which thrown weapons are limited use and which aren't?

What the title says - how do you tell?

The rulebook says all Grenades and all Mines (p.32) (maybe it means every weapon with a Grenade icon at top left of the card, so you could use the spear here, as I think), in any case it should be specified there, if they mean Grenades and mines regarding to the cards name, or regarding to the icon on the card, to get the new spear available.
In any case, any Limited Use Item is removed instantly from your unit card when used, and that is the kind of items wich could be shared.

And it’s also relevant wrt things like the behemoth rock throw, which as near as I can tell isn’t meant to be limited use but it needs clarification.

Mirelurk queen brood and Behemoth rock throw are not Limited Use Items (remember, Limited Use Items are items wich you spend instantly), because they are Slow Firing Weapons (Throwing weapons), so impossible, even so, they cannot be equipped by another model.
The only weapon that seems it could be shared but it is not a “grenade or mine” is the throwing spear, but because it is a Limited Use Item it could be shared

Molotov Cocktail too.

:sweat_smile: It is a Limited Use Item, so it could be shared, no problem!

We’ll get an answer to you next week guys! Sorry for the delay!

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All Thrown Weapons are Limited Use, unless it is specified as being Equipped on a Unit Card.


yes, the thing is the rulebook just specifies thrown weapons (wich can be shared)-> Grenades and mines, in the Limited Use Items section, maybe it should be updated in next errata PDF