Missing cards for weak behemoth

In download section when checked for unit cards i cant find weak behemoth and in weapons there is no weak behemoth rock throw.
Is it intentionaly or missed while updating with new waves?

I believe those cards are in the Denizens of the Wasteland Card Expansion only, not in the downloads.

is there reason for that? All cards are avaliable both in physical variant (for purchase) and digital (for print) but not Denizens of Wasteland.

I looked on both sites and overlooked the physical card deck, but if you put “Denizens” in the modiphius search bar, it pops up on both the .net and .us sites.
Not all cards, like the AI and “Narrative” cards (Events, Danger, Stranger, Creature, and Quests) are available as downloads. There are a lot of cards from other decks that weren’t in the downloads until they put them in certain waves later on, like a lot of the creatures from Into the Wasteland and Automatron. Certain unit, AI, and Item cards were put in various waves when they released figures for them.

I just noticed they put the Into the Wasteland unit cards and their Item cards in the Wave 9 pdf, even though they were in the files for Into the Wasteland and most are in the Commonwealth deck and pdf’s.

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