Walked Fire Weapons, Cumulative, and Criticals

I have two questions about Walked Fire weapons that I hope someone can help me to answer.

  1. On page 47 of the core rules paragraph three for Walked Fire weapons states that ‘This effect is cumulative. Therefore, this effect resets if a shot misses or changes target’. This is in reference to the additional armour reduction icon for successive hits on the same target. Does this mean that should, for example, the third shot of five miss, the armour reduction is reset to zero?

  2. How do critical attacks work with Walked Fire weapons? Do they apply to every shot or only to the first shot?

  1. You got it. It resets to 0.
  2. Max 1 crit per walked fire ahooting attack. So regardless how many crit or hits you roll, max is one. (Pg. 47 of the rulebook)
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Hey both,

Huami91 has it right on both accounts.

The Armor Reduction effect of Walked Fire is reset to zero if a shot misses.

You only get one Critical Hit per every series of Walked Fire shots.


Thank you both :smiley: . I’d missed the text on the critical attack for walked fire weapons where it says ‘not walked fire’, so it all makes sense now. A critical hit is effectively one much more powerful shot, rather than a series of walked fire shot.

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