Vultures of Shem map errata - where is Shumir, again?

Recently ran Vultures of Shem (finally) from teh Core book and it ran really well. Worked well in cojunction with Mercenary and my players are keen to find out what happens next, so I’m currently writing an ‘aftermath’ adventure (‘Escape From Zuhal-Sar’ - I’ll post it here). But one curious thing did strike me: Shumir is shown on that adventure map as being to the south-east of Akbitana when is clearly south west of that city.
Anyone else notice this? I’m going to say it was Shusham, to the north east, and not Shumir, that allied with Akbitana.
How did other people deal with this?

There’s been so much ambiguity related to positions of cities and geography in Hyborea even before Modiphius showed up and their version just adds to the confusion. You’re better off deciding exactly where everything is situated yourself and amending ‘official’ sources accordingly. I also ran Vultures as my first game and had your same problem with Shumir and all the others. I got fed up, downloaded a hi-res Mongoose map, pasted it into Excel and placed cities and geographical features as closely as I could get all sources to agree. That’s my version for my Hyboria.

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