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Shamar Location

I am in the process of planning some adventures in Ophir and Koth and came upon something confusing. In Conan the Mercenary, the Gazetteer map of Ophir does not label any of the cities as Shamar but it is listed in the Gazetteer text as being in Southern Ophir guarding a pass through the mountains into Koth. There is a large city icon on the Gazetteer map that fits this description but it is nowhere near where Shamar is depicted on the CRB Map of Hyboria.

In the CRB map of Hyboria, Shamar is depicted as being on the West side of the Tybor River which is in Aquilonia. This has to be incorrect based on the text of the Gazetteer.

Can anyone verify which unlabeled city icon in the gazetteer is supposed to be Shamar? I understand there are different views on the cities in Ophir, ie Ianthe vs Khorala as the capital. I’m just trying to determine where Modiphius meant to place the city.

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Haven’t received any clarification on this so I’m just going with the following in case anyone else is confused like me:

Looking through some other Conan supplemental books (namely Conan The King) and referencing the REH story “The Scarlet Citadel” it looks like the CRB Map is correct and the Conan The Mercenary Gazetteer is wrong. Shamar is in Aquilonia on the West side of the Tybor River. I’m just going to rename the city described in The Mercenary to a different name because it is definitely not Shamar.

Some possible new names I’ve found: Carnolla, Leucta, Pergona, Ronnoco, Vendishan. Will research a bit to see which one makes the most sense.

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I like to use the map from an old PBM game called Hyborian War. It’s divided into provinces, with many of the provinces being in fact city names. I find it helps me visualize things a little better, but YMMV. I played the game for many years, so I had more than one physical copy of the map lying around but there is a digital (scan) of it here:

In any case, this map puts Shamar in Aquilonia and the area of Ophir opposite the river is Shamu.


Thank you.